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Marriage Counseling

We have compassionate counseling services available to help you both when you can no longer see through the din of your own problems. A neutral mediator is imperative to help you and your loved one see through the difficulties and reach a peaceful consensus.

Together, we will identify what the sources of the issues are, and find ways towards solutions. We are there for you both. Marriage counseling has been proven to be very effective. Let’s figure this out together.

Mental Health Therapy

Psychotherapy – the word comes from psyche, meaning ‘soul’, and therapeia, meaning ‘healing’. ‘Talk therapy’ has been around for years, and has been proven effective in helping managing mental illnesses and obstacles. When you are in need of healing or just need someone help you work out the twists and turns of life – we are there.

Cope with symptoms, find your goals, change behaviors and access the tools you need to embrace that fullness of your life. Mental health therapy can help you access what may be currently out of reach.


Your healing is in your hands. In order to make it happen, you need a therapist that will listen to you and help you pinpoint issues and way to combat those issues. We have counselors that will help you look at your problems in different ways, and become aware of problems before they start.

Our counselors will also help you develop more life skills needed to help you function better and cope with the curveballs that life throws at you. Together, we can help you achieve wellness!

Substance Abuse Therapy

We have comprehensive substance abuse counseling services so that you can live a life unhindered by addiction. You are not your addiction. Our therapists will help you tap into the multitude of abilities that you have within to deal with this disease.

You can triumph and continue to flourish. Though this disease is chronic, it does not have to control your life. Ongoing treatment has been proven to be an effective way to combat addiction. Wellness is within reach, and we are happy to help.

PTSD Counseling

PTSD is a disorder caused by experiencing a life-threatening event. It is a continued response of the neurological system to a traumatic experience that happened in the past. PTSD-related suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. The need for PTSD help is stronger than ever.

Having PTSD does not make you weak. PTSD counseling can help you better manage the symptoms so that you can embrace life to the fullest. Overcome the barriers to your healing with comprehensive PTSD counseling services.